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The Health At Every Size (R) paradigm promotes listening to your natural body rythyms.
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A site for individuals who are working on body and size acceptance. Deb Burgard, co-author of , "Great Shape", encourages positive movement and body neutrality.

Published in the 1990's, Editor Alice Ansfield produced a publication that included articles, advertising, photos, and resources for people working on size acceptance. Past issues are available on this site.

A site that promotes body acceptance. This organization has produced powerful videos of adolescents and their views of positive body acceptance. The Body Positive also has been in many schools with their videos and prevention programs.

Association for Size Diversity and Health.  An international, professional organization whose members are committed to the principles of Health At Every Size (HAES(R)). 

Marilyn Wann, author of the book "Fat!So?" provides a wonderful look at fat through the eyes of an activist. Marilyn speaks to students all over the country to help them deconstruct the "F" word (fat).

This site sells images, statues, paper products and gifts that portray beautiful, vuluptuous women. Statues, sculptures, jewelry, cards, and many other objects are available to help us celebrate our bodies.


Formerly Gurze Books. The best resource for books, videos, treatment facilities and eating disorder organizations you will ever have. Email them and you can receive many catalogs to share with friends, family members, clients, and psychotherapists.