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June, 2015

It is almost summer and the days are getting longer. This provides an opportunity to explore being outside, enjoying the birds, flowers, sunshine (with appropriate sunscreen, of course) and movement activities such as swimming, hiking, bike riding, walking, etc.  It is important to pay attention to our bodies in determining when to exercise or move our bodies.  Some people are better first thing in the morning, while others enjoy movement after work or later in the evening.  If you have been averse to exercise, perhaps this is the time to reframe this activity........

Movement (not exercise) should be enjoyable, fun, sustainable and something you look forward to engaging in.  If you force yourself to do something you don't really like, it is unlikely that you'll stick with it.  It helps to think about the following:   1.  Where do I want to move (inside, outside)? 2. Do I want to be alone or with people?  3.  Do I want to engage in the same routine on a regular basis or do I like a lot of variety?  4.  How much, if anything, am I willing to spend to engage in the movement I enjoy?  5.  Do I need any special equipment?  6.  Do I have access to the activities I enjoy?

Another joy during summer is the greater number of fruits and vegetables that can be found in grocery stores, fruit stands, farmer's markets, etc.  This might be the summer that you experiment with a new fruit or vegetable that you have never tried before.  Recipes can be found online.  I am recalling days in the past when a friend an I got together to make fruit preserves.  She had the fruit trees and I had the canning equipment.  Perhaps it is the summer to engage in a collaborative endeavor such as making jam.  It's also important to think about donating fruits or vegetables to food banks if you have extra from your garden.  

So, enjoy the summer, try something new, listen to your body and don't forget to include some down time for relaxation and renewal.   


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